Beneficial uses of Polyurethane


The products of polyurethane have many beneficial uses. More than three-quarters of the international consumption of polyurethane products are in foam forms, with rigid and flexible types being almost equal in the whichever the case, the form is usually made to be behind other materials. For example, flexible foams are made to be behind upholstery fabrics in domestic and commercial furniture. The rigid form of the product is made to be inside plastic and metal walls of many freezers and refrigerators, or being metals and paper in case of thermal insulation panel is needed in the construction sector. In growing, it is used as a garment; for example, in the lining of brassieres cups. Polyurethane is as well used for the molding which can include columns, door frames, baluster, pediments, window headers rosettes and medallions.

Polyurethane is used in making furniture. The open and flexible polyurethane foam is made when polyols, diisocyanates, catalysts, auxiliary blowing agents and other additives are mixed making the resulting foam to freely rise. Most of the flexible polyurethane foam made using this technology of continuous processing can be made in batches in which relatively small blocks of foam are manufactured in boxes, open-topped molds, and other suitable enclosures. The foam made is then cut to the shape required and used in various furniture as well as furnishing uses. Visit for more.

Polyurethane is also used in the making of automobiles. The flexible, as well as the semi-flexible polyurethane foams, are extensively used for the interior components of the automobiles especially the seats, roof liners, armrests, instrument panels and dashboards. In a remarkable manner, the polyurethane foam can be used to make the seats. For each of the seat model, the automobile manufacturer has a mold. The mold is made in a clamshell that is closable in a kind of structure and it will allow fast casting of the cushions of the seat. The molded flexible foam will then be upholstered after being removed from the mold.

Polyurethane is also beneficial in the making of inflatable boats and surfboards. Some of the manufactures for the rafts use the urethane for the making of inflatable boats. They use the urethane membrane material as a bladder that retains air in the shell, whereas other manufacturers use the urethane membrane material as a coating on some boats. Liquid urethane material is spray-coated over the bat material to increase the abrasion resistance. This site has more on Polyurethane:


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